F2 Chain Sawmill


The Logosol F2 chain sawmill is an ultra-portable sawmill that can easily handle logs up to 23.5″ in diameter. Made of high-quality aluminum, it is strong enough to handle large logs and light enough for 1-2 people to move.

The F2 is incredibly easy to use, and the perfect place to start milling. Come to check one out today and you’ll be ready to saw your own lumber in minutes!

This item cannot be purchased online.



✔ A lightweight sawmill with minimal setup time. With just a few simple steps, the sawmill is dismantled for transport and storage.

✔ The frame is built of 3’3 1/4″ sections that can easily fit into the trunk of a small car.

✔ Two log clamps XL are included.

✔ Easily expandable for more length, easier use, or improved bar stabilization.

✔ Durable and dirt-repellent surface will never rust.

✔ The sawmill can be extended and upgraded when required.

✔ Strong log lifters with log beds, can support logs up to 2,200 pounds!

✔ Adjustment of depth of cut in fixed steps gives your timber accurate dimensions.

✔ Loading stops grip the log when you roll it onto the log bed. They give additional support and stability.

✔ Adjustable sawmill feet included for steady positioning

✔ Strong locking of the guide rail sections facilitates assembly and gives increased stability.

✔ Convenient, easy-grip carrying handle for easy moving.