B1001 Band Sawmill


The B1001 is the largest band sawmill we offer. Swedish made with a revolutionary design, it cuts logs up to 39.5″ in diameter. The unique height adjustment enables you to cut with precision every time, and the thin kerf of the blade makes less waste than a chain sawmill.

Extremely well-built and easy to use, this mill will turn you into a pro in no time.

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✔ Powerful motor/engine options. The petrol version is 23hp

✔ Reliable rail with a pipe construction that remains straight even under a heavy load.

✔ Pre-assembled sawhead and simple setup. Adjustable feet are included.

✔ Standard cutting length is 4850mm. If you need to cut longer logs you can add extensions.

✔ Robust and solid. A stable construction that gives you a fantastic sawing result.

✔ The best manual height adjustment of the sawhead on the market. The sawhead is adjusted with fixed steps. A full turn is always 1” and you add another 1/8” for the kerf.

✔ Last-Cut Indicator on the scale for the height adjustment gives you a reference for the next cut.

✔ Two log clamps are included that fixes the log against to the log rests without leaving deep marks in the wood.

✔ Exact blade guides that you´ll only see on larger or more expensive Band Sawmills.

✔ Developed from the ground up. Integrated function gives a clean design.

✔ Patented bandwheels in alloy work as combined fan wheels that cool the sawblade and works as an air brake. This helps keep the cover clean from sawdust and if you connect a chip extractor the work site will also be a lot cleaner. This is a big advantage especially when you are changing blades or doing maintenance service on the sawmill.