B751 Pro Band Sawmill


The Logosol B751 comes standard with a sawing length over 16′ and a cutting diameter of 29.5″. The adjustable steps make for easy and consistent sawing at whatever depth you like.

The thin kerf of the band creates minimal waste, and couldn’t be easier to use.

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✔ Easy-to-set-up sawmill with preassembled sawhead. Levelling feet are included.

✔ Robust and solid. A stable design that gives you an amazing sawing result.

✔ Quick and accurate setting of the saw cut. The sawhead is adjusted in fixed steps. One rotation of the crank always equals 1 inch. One step compensates for the kerf.

✔ The Last Cut indicator on the absolute scale helps you remember the previous cut, and works as a reference for the next cut.

✔ A patent-pending log clamp with sturdy handle and robust design is included. It secures the log with great force without damaging the timber. It works just as well when you are taking the first cuts as when cutting the last thin board.

✔ Easy to keep the worksite clean. The band wheels have fan blades, which both blow out the sawdust and keep it clean and tidy inside the sawhead. A great advantage when changing band blades and carrying out maintenance and service.

✔ Exact blade guiding, which you only find on considerably larger and more expensive sawmills.

✔ The petrol-driven model has a first-class centrifugal clutch that facilitate the engine thrust during operation.